2016 FCI World Dog Show:
congratulations Russia!

There had been rumours, hear-says, comments, all of them negative, on Social Networks or via emails about the organisation of the 2016 FCI World Dog Show in Moscow.

After 4 very busy days, we have to admit that the very hard work of RKF, combined with their will to listen to the recommendations of the FCI Consultancy Group, have resulted in an outstanding dog show, of which all of us will remember as a very professional competition. RKF has managed to combine professionalism, glamour, friendship and relaxing atmosphere among the exhibitors, judges, visitors and guests.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI President
Brexit and European cynology

There has never been a Brexit in the more than one hundred year history of the FCI. Nevertheless, the relationship between the relevant authorities in the world of cynology, the Kennel Club and the FCI, is astonishingly similar to that in the realm of big politics.

Hans W. Müller, Honorary President of the FCI

The FCI currently comprises 91 member and partner countries. Although the Kennel Club has always played an important role in international cynology, it has evidently never been able to make up its mind to join the FCI. The reasons for this have been very similar to those mentioned in the run-up to the Brexit vote. Nor is there any sign of fundamental change in the Kennel Club’s intentions at present. Although enough common problems do exist across the world of cynology that would make global cooperation appear necessary, hardly anything will change over the coming years in the area of collaboration on cynology issues between the FCI and KC, the most important club for canine matters in the United Kingdom. This is regrettable given that there are efforts in a number of European countries aimed at making it more difficult to own and keep dogs. This cannot be in our interest and we need to devote all our attention to combat this together. It has never been easy to find common solutions on the European continent and we can only succeed in this if national interests can be put to one side on a case-by-case basis.