2016 FCI World Dog Show:
congratulations Russia!

There had been rumours, hear-says, comments, all of them negative, on Social Networks or via emails about the organisation of the 2016 FCI World Dog Show in Moscow.

After 4 very busy days, we have to admit that the very hard work of RKF, combined with their will to listen to the recommendations of the FCI Consultancy Group, have resulted in an outstanding dog show, of which all of us will remember as a very professional competition. RKF has managed to combine professionalism, glamour, friendship and relaxing atmosphere among the exhibitors, judges, visitors and guests.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI President
The Finnish Canine Museum introduces the history of the Finnish Spitz online

The Finnish Kennel Club launched the first canine museum in Finland on 29 May. The Finnish Canine Museum is operating currently online, and as such, is open for everyone around the clock. The online museum introduces different themes with web exhibitions. The first exhibition focuses on the National Breed of Finland, the Finnish Spitz.

The Finnish Canine Museum collects, preserves and displays items related to the Finnish canine culture and native breeds. The collection consists of items received as gift, donation or purchase. The online museum displays the most interesting items from the Canine Museum collection and will expand when new items are digitalised.

The Finnish Spitz exhibition consists of pictures and articles that introduce the oldest of the native Finnish dog breeds. The breed has a strong bond with the national culture and its importance to Finns is portrayed in the Finnish folklore. The Finnish Spitz is also an important theme in the history of the Finnish Kennel Club, since it has been pictured in the emblems and the Club's illustrations from the very beginning.

The museum introduces pictures of paintings and medals as well as old photographs from the 19th century onwards. The Canine Museum uses various presentation techniques including 360 pictures.

The museum brings together the old and the new: we want to emphasize interactivity. We are eagerly encouraging visitors to share their memories and knowledge of the old times. The stories behind the pictures are the most important treasure, points out Eeva Anttinen, the Chairman of the Finnish Kennel Club’s museum working group.

Welcome to the Finnish Canine Museum at www.finnishcaninemuseum.fi

More information:
Miia Lahti
Head of Communications
The Finnish Kennel Club

+358 9 8873 0292

Stationmaster MrAarne Louna with his family. Mr Louna was a well-known Finnish Spitz breeder in the 40's
Professor Kalle Rikala is judging Finnish Hounds in The Finnish Kennel Club's (known then as Suomen Kennelklubi) dog show in 6-8 May 1921
The Finnish Spitz field trials were held in 19.9.1937 in Joensuu. The Finnish Spitz “Jarri” is resting after the trials
At the beginning of the twentieth century the Finnish Spitz named “Lintu-Mikko” was one of the most prominent of North-Karelian Finnish Spitz population. Dog's owner Mr Väinö Walle (later used Valle) wrote that during ten hunting seasons a thousand birds were shot with this dog