2016 FCI World Dog Show:
congratulations Russia!

There had been rumours, hear-says, comments, all of them negative, on Social Networks or via emails about the organisation of the 2016 FCI World Dog Show in Moscow.

After 4 very busy days, we have to admit that the very hard work of RKF, combined with their will to listen to the recommendations of the FCI Consultancy Group, have resulted in an outstanding dog show, of which all of us will remember as a very professional competition. RKF has managed to combine professionalism, glamour, friendship and relaxing atmosphere among the exhibitors, judges, visitors and guests.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI President
FCI Commission for British Pointers – Activity Report

The FCI Commission for British Pointers held its meeting in Vitry-le-Francois (France) on 29th March in order to discuss the topics on the agenda:

  1. President's report
  2. Minutes of the meeting held on October 22nd, 2014 in Pieve San Stefano (Italy)
  3. European Cup 2015 in France
  4. European Cup 2016 (organiser: Switzerland) in Serbia
  5. Grande Quête 2016 - Schedules
  6. Regulations check
  7. Application from Argentina to take part in the European Cup
  8. Miscellaneous

On this occasion, the President expressed words of praise for the organisation, focusing especially to the technical aspect.

Wonderful grounds both for conformation and for vegetation (of right height). These conditions have allowed the subjects to express the best of themselves. Even the game, of excellent quality, contributed to this result.

As for the topics on the agenda of the meeting, they were discussed and approved.

The Italian team: from left to right: Paolo Verdiani, Francesco Balducci, Severino Traina, Manuele Targetti, Davide Bruni, Silvio Marelli, Ernesto Pezzotta, Stefano Girandola.

Award ceremony.

Francesco Balducci
President of the FCI Commission for British Pointers